Monday, 10 September 2012

A Leather Hair Bow


Cute isn't it?
This darling bow looks delightfully simple, but the truth is it took me over an hour to make.

This was my first try at this particular bow, and I thought it went rather well. It involved a few minor glue-gun burns (Ouch!) and a whole lot of fiddling, but was completely worth it.

I started off with two leather lengths, approximatedly 7cm in width, and 24cm in length. Like so:


I then took one legth of leather and hot glue-gunned the long edges down.


This step looks really dodgy but don't worry this isn't actually visible in the finished product.

I then measured the centre of the strap of leather and drew a line of hot glue down it. I folded the straps ends into the middle and held it down until dry.

 I cut another leather strap from the other orginal length of leather(I know, I did waste a rather large rectangle of leather...Whoops!) about as long as my folded strap.


This is where the fiddeling comes in. I had to fold and bend the leather vigurously before I was able to get the two round typical ripples in the front of the bow. Pinching the bow tightly in the centre to keep the shape I wrapped my little strap around the centre once, glued and cut off the excess leather.


Once the bow was completely dry I was free to admire my hour and a bit of work.


Lovely isn't it?


  1. that bow is so pretty! you are very talented!

    what are gonna use this bow for? a headband? a belt? so many

    -Abeer @

  2. Thankyou! I'm probably going to put it on a headband...if I can find one in my craft clatter!