Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dr Who Galaxy Shoes

I've been on a blogging break. A very, very, very, very......very long blogging break. Why? A combination of stressful Grade 11 Schoolwork & Exams (capitals intended), laziness and warped internet.

I've been doing plenty of craft and D.I.Y, following other peoples blogs, and making a general mess of my bedroom in search of that last bead/hook/paint-brush/fancy paper, I just haven't been blogging about it. Rather than going back and writing posts on all the things I have done I 'm procrastinating and pretending I didn't make them and therefore do not have to blog about them.

I give you: Doctor Who Galaxy Shoes



 They started off as this (worth $4 from Big W):


There are loads of tutorials out there for Dr Who Shoes, Galaxy Shoes, and Dr Who Galaxy Shoes. So rather than adding another tutorial to the already jam packed internet I am just going to show pretty shots of my shoes and give you links to some very good tutorials I muddled around with.


 I will give you a couple of tips though.

1.) If you don't know who Doctor Who is thats OK. I won't judge you......much. I do suggest you start watching though, it's pretty darn good. Start from the first season though, otherwise it's a tad confusing. Don't watch it at nighttime....especially not the Weeping Angels episode. In fact if you have angel statues in your yard or local park stay away from Doctor Who completely.

2.) Lots of the tutorials suggest using a toothbrush dipped lightly in white paint and flicking it at your shoes to create the star patterns. What they all fail to mention is that in doing so you end up with a nice star pattern over the surrounding table, ground, walls and yourself.

3.) When taping the part of you shoes that you DON'T want paint on, be excessive. To much tape is not a bad thing, it's a good thing and should be wholeheartedly recommended.


 I am of course not an artist/artistic/able to hold a paint brush the right way up (Not really, but my Tardis is pretty dodgy)

I think they are the perfect Geek Shoes (although I am considering making a Harry Potter pair) and I will probably wear them everywhere until they fall apart :)

I watched this clever YouTube video: 
I visited these:


  1. Look at you talented lady!
    I might be able to decorate cakes but i can never make those cool shoes! Great work!

  2. That is genius, I see a lot of people making galaxy shoes these days and totally want to try it! Bookmarked your awesome post :D
    Oh and Doctor Who was, is and always will be my hero so these shoes are extras awesome!