Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Gothic Fashion guide

Introduction to my outlook on Goth
This is a blog about clothes etc, for that reason we don't care about the whole "Death" part of Goth, all we care about is the clothes.
We would like to give you our suggestions, however you can do whatever you like, with what ever you find!

Traditionally the clothes of goths are black,black and black. But, in the fashion world, it is perfectly acceptable to mix it up with a couple of other colours. Violet, navy, and sea green are generally used as the main colour ,whilst white is often the colour of the lacy petticoat or singlet worn underneath. The outfit is then generally finished off with a nice black jacket, black stockings or black barre.
Gothic accessories are either black or silver. Black nail polish, whilst the most common Gothic accessory is ,without a doubt, the most boring one so add some white or grey stencils for a polished look. Black fingerless gloves also fall is this category. Although gloves with a fancy cable in them are acceptable, lacy elbow gloves are my favorite. Fine sliver necklaces add a sophisticated air to the outfit, and chunky jewelry is outlawed. Pictures of death, drugs, or zombies are often used, but can make a well presented outfit look tacky so must be placed with care.

 Gothic stencils

Hair can be arranged carefully in a chignon or french twist or  left to hang out, add black roses or white streaks for a Gothic look. Many people mistake messy and unwashed hair as part of the Gothic look but this is a big no-no. Goth is very sophisticated, hence the black and white lace, petticoats and fine jewelery. Pierced nose's , messy hair and overdone eyes have been introduced, but are traditionally part of the Emo style.

           A plain chignon

Light grey, lace-threaded high heels are all the rage at the moment, and not only among goths. Plain black high heels can make your outfit look like overdone-office clothes, so add a trim of white lace with superglue. Black ballet flats are the only acceptable full black shoes, silver studs can be added for an edge. Combo strap boots can look darling when paired with a long lacy skirt, and platform  lace up boots, of almost any colour, go with everything.

                      Goth shoes

Black or violet stockings are gorgeous and light lacy white sockets are perfect with ballet flats. Flowers and abstract patterns can look lovely, but any printing on the stockings can't be too obvious or it will throw your outfit off edge.

Most of the time a true gothic fashion follower will have to create her own style, so the purpose of this blog is to show how we create our looks, and hopefully give you some ideas to follow. Enjoy!

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