Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hair accessories

I realized that in my last post I only skimmed over hair accessories, so, I have decided to expand upon this topic. Hair, as any girl will know, can make or break your outfit. All important hair clips, ribbons and styling will, and can, make a world of difference.

For those of you who don't wish to break the bank on hair clips, I advise you to make your own. They can look just as good, and often better, then any store bought trinket.

At your local 'Two Dollar' shop, you can be sure to find some kind of cheap headband or a pack of Bobbie-pins for next to nothing. Better yet, if you have been given some, or have been handed them by younger sister/cousin who you don't want to be disappointed when you don't wear them. These cheap nick-backs will come in handy to add a flare to your outfit.

1- Remove (rip,tear,cut) any decorations attached to the hair piece, but don't throw them out! After all you may be able to dye them black/white and use them later.

2- You will need some super glue, ordinary glue just won't do the trick. I use my Fathers (After all, It's not like his going to miss a couple of drops), but if your Dad doesn't have any, your local hardware store should have some.

3- Purchase a small quantity of cheap (but pretty) fabric, beads, or, if you can get hold of some, pretty black or white flowers with a beaded center.

4- If you couldn't find any ready made decorations, lay out your fabric, then fold it in half. Cut out 5 petals (or however many you would like)and glue the two sides of each petal together. Once these are dry, glue all the petals together to create a flower effect. Finally glue a small ring of beads in the center of the flowers and adjust the flower until you have the desired effect.

5- repeat the fourth step until you have as many flowers as you wish.

 6- When you finished decoration is dry, glue it in the desired point on your headband, elastic, or bobbie-pin.

Wear as desired.

 This was my first try, (Remember, the superglue needs to be dry BEFORE you put it in your hair! :)

Or,if you don't wish to make your own, have a look through any thrift shops you come across, you never know when some perfect hair accessories will turn up out of the blue.

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  1. Who doesn't like searching through a thrift shop? Nick-knacks...trinkets...:)