Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fabric Painting

Over the School holidays my family decided we needed to do something creative. Naturally the large quantities of fabric paint at the back of the cupboard pointed my vote in the direction of T-shirt painting.Usually when I fabric paint items of clothing they do not turn out very well, but this time I loved it!


Of course my younger brother's attempts were more along the lines of "Cover every square inch of fabric in paint and see what disgusting colour you create", but mine turned out quite well.


Here I am wearing a white Ottobre T-shirt (Made for me by my Mother) with gathered sleeves. I fabric painted it with black butterflies and white sparkly antennas, using a cut out from a birthday card I was given a couple of years ago.



The skirt (Also made for me by my Mother) is in truth a ruffled petticoat with black leggings underneath. I particularly like the way you can see the outline of the leggings through the skirt, but it isn't completely see-through or revealing.



I chose to wear deep pink Elizabeth Arden lipstick and a light coating of Sumptuous lifting mascara (01 Black). The lipstick is a slight contrast to my outfit, but it is not too bright for a quiet outfit. The mascara outlines my eyes and makes them seem bigger and brighter.



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