Friday, 20 July 2012

Nailpolish Flowers

I was walking through our main shopping area and I stopped at some 2 dollar shops/cheap shops. Feeling creative, I bought some black hair combs and a plastic bouquet of tacky flowers, hoping that with a lot of time, thread and nailpolish I could turn them into something worth the $4.50 I spent on them.

When I got home I opened my craft box and noticed I still had a decent amount of lace left.  Placing my shopping goodies to the side I made: 
I was feeling pretty happy with it,I had simply wrapped lace around a comb and sewed it in place.Then I tried it on...Chrysanthemum told me it was very 'maid' like....and as much as I love Downtown Abby, I'm not prepared to become one of them.

After testing out several nail polishes on scraps of lace,and considering tearing it off completely, I decided to put it to the side and try something else: SAM_1623

This is the result of snipping off four plastic flowers and coating them 'neatly' in nailpolish. It worked fairly well considering how simple it was.However after consultation I decided the freshly dried flowers would look best on a headband,Take 2:


Unfortunatly I still wasn't happy with the result. I realised that a thick double layered headband wasn't going to work. I needed a skinny one...Cue frantic searching through my craft boxes/bags for an appropriate headband. One failed to turn up, and as the shops don't re-open till Monday, I'm going to have to wait until then to finish it off.

Incase you were wondering, here is the original flower bouquet in its full tacky-ness. SAM_1592

Watch this space!

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