Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Junk to jewels~ Black Bow

Following on from my last post. I finally got around to fixing up my 'maid style' hair piece, unfortunatly I forgot to upload the photos.I will show you the adjustments I made in my next blog post.

I did however upload the photos I took of my new bow. I cut this bow off a rather ugly beanie which I found in my cupboard. The bow was sparkly and rather cute (If a little lopsided) so I snipped it off.

To keep it from going wonky in my hair (See original appearance of bow below) I added a couple of black stitches to encourage it to sit in a real bow shape.


This may seem very simple to all the craft savvy people out there, but you might be surprised at the number of times I have heard my friends say "I had this old jumper in my wardrobe with these cute buttons/bows/flowers on it, but it had holes in it. So I threw it out.'

What??? Potential cool hair thingy thrown away!!!! Shock! Horror!

Anyway, back to being serious. Here is the bow sewn into it's proper shape.


See the difference? No? Perhaps this photo will give you a better idea:

Personally I think it makes a cute hair piece (I slipped a bobby-pin through it, but a hair clip/clasp would work as well).

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