Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Today I finished my cake decorations. I finally got around to making some cupcakes (See below) and whilst I may have left them in the oven to long, after cutting the overflowing edges off, they turned out rather well.


I used the fondant in it's original pink colour (The recipe called for white marshmallows, but I had pink ones handy!) and rolled it out very thin. I spread this over the top of the cupcakes and used the decorations I had made previously.


I still had heaps of fondant left over, even though I cut the original recipe in half. So I made some blue, green and black fondant. I made little squidgy flowers out of small balls of pink fondant with some green for the centre, and left the black fondant with some swirls in it.


I'm not expecting they will last much longer; my little brother is on the cupcake prowl!

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  1. God these cupcakes are super stunning my friend, very very cute :D