Monday, 27 August 2012

Fancy Cakes

I have been rather slack on the hair-attire pieces as I have been cooking instead!

I follow this wonderful blog called Cake Whiz.   This wonderful lady makes cakes/cupcakes/biscuits and various other delicious edibles. Today, I decided, was the day to try out her recipe for fondant.

It worked!!!!


I used H-E-A-P-S of Icing-sugar and marshmallows, and it was delicious. It melted a little in our warm spring weather but I just stuck it in the fridge for a while.
I would suggest adding a little lemon/lime juice for a fruity flavour but apart from that, I coloured it and made:


As well as these:

And as I am completely impressed with my new found cake decorating skill I'll show you them again, except this time~ Together!


Have you been admiring my beautiful nails in the first photo? No? Well here is a closer look:


Don't worry, I did clean up around the edges with some nail remover and Cotton wool.I just forgot to take a photo of the finished effect :) 


Oh, I almost forgot! Here is the cake Chrysanthemum made to put the cake decorations on. A gorgeous butter cake, perfect~


  1. I am so glad my marshmallow fondant recipe worked out for you! Lovely decorations :D

    1. Thankyou, I was very wary of using butter in the recipee, but it turned out great!

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