Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rust and Green eye make up

I bought this double-ended roll-on eyeshadow a while ago, and I recently tested it out. I bought it from my local chemist and it cost me around $5.00. It is super easy to use, and doubles up as a really cool lipstick.

You can get in several shades, however I purchased the Rust and Green version:(Below)


I created this effect using the green end of the eyeshadow as a base and adding the rust over the top at both ends of my eyes. I added a top coat of mascara and drew a then line of liquid eyeliner along my bottom lid


I used a light dusting of pale powder on my face and added a thin coat of black eyeshadow on my eyebrows to darken them. I drew a little point at the end of my eyebrows and carefully blended it in.


To enhance this effect I rubbed a small amount of pale foundation under my eyebrow and under my eye. This gives you a more even skin tone and brings the focus to your eye and the eyeshadow you are wearing.

Handy Tip: When I applied the mascara I forgot to add a coat to the top of my eyelashes, not just the bottom. This meant that any eyeshadow which had stuck to my lashes was visible when my eyes were closed (See image below). To avoid this add a thin coat to the top of your lashes, or if you're not a fan of mascara gently pull your lashes through a tissue to remove the excess eyeshadow.


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