Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DIY Sock Bun


I recently re-organised my clothes cupboard and was un-surprised at my collection of lonely socks. Ah-ha! The sock monster strikes again!

What to do with my all my one-some socks?  The 35C+ weather and my un-tamable long hair (I'm growing it for the formal)  made the decision for me; Sock buns. Easy, suitable and a non-time consuming project.

For this project I used:
A thick, knee-high sock
A hot Glue-gun
A pen and ruler

Step No.1
Rule a straight line across the sock, just under the heel. Cut across the line and discard the foot.


Step No. 2
Start rolling your sock up, beginning at the elastic end. The longer your hair the bigger your rolls should be.


 Step No. 3
Fold the leftover edge down, and glue with your hot glue gun (Alternatively you can hand sew it down)

Step No. 4
Turn the roll so that the ragged edge is on the inside.


Then use it to make a super cute bun!

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