Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mango Smoothie

In my wonderful country town we are currently 'enjoying' a blend of 37C-40C. Thankfully our old house was built with this sort of weather in mind, and our house is staying at a slightly more reasonable temperature.

Whilst I am definitely not basking in the delightful heat, I am happy that I finally get to follow the lead of Miss Indie who has been making an array of smoothies. I have been very impressed by the ingredients she has used, but I'm going to try her Peanut Butter & Jelly recipe another day and stick to an old favourite of mine.

Mango Smoothie

I love mango's. I learnt pretty quickly that it's a hate or love situation, I'm yet to find an in-between-er....So if mango's aren't your thing, steer clear of this recipe because the mango flavour comes out prominently .

You will need:
A blender
Mango cut in chunks and frozen
1/4 cup of milk (I use slightly less)
Frozen berries
 A drizzle of honey/sugar

1.Blend your mango and milk together until smooth.
2. Add honey/sugar to taste
3. Pour into a tall glass and top off with some frozen berries.


Cold, scrummy and healthy!


  1. We're a smoothie family fo' sho'. While we all have our different tastes (I LOVE coconut, so the pina colada is a standard), we all have found our second love in the Hamilton Beach Single Serve blende (can be found at Target here. Thanks for the post, as I now feel a hankering for something sweet and tasting of coconuts.

    The Cheeky Daddy
    p.s. Thanks for swinging by and commenting.

    1. Thank-you! A coconut smoothie? Definitely worth a try :)

  2. it's chilly and dreadfully cold here in chicago but i would still like a glass of that :)
    have you ever had mango lassi? it's also made similarly but instead of milk, they use yogurt... you may like that too :P
    -Abeer @

    1. You're so lucky! What I wouldn't give for some cool weather :) Mango lassie sounds nice...As soon as I get my hands on more mangoes....

  3. What a delicious smoothie, full pack of flavour :D