Saturday, 5 January 2013

Statement Collar

I love burda. I think it's the coolest fashion magazine for those who like to make their own stuff, rather then buy it.

Unfortunately the rest of the my family, the female side, feel the same way. This is when my Mum pulls rank, and gets to browse it first. Next is whoever happened to be on the scene when my little brother gets the mail.

"Mum! Mum!" (running into sewing room) "Can I read burda after you!" (Pokes tongue out at other sister).

Anyway, the most recent burda (1/2013) had a page on Peter Pan Collars. The brief tutorial shows how to remove a collar from a guy's shirt and make into a cute accessory.

I don't know about anyone else, but my Dad doesn't throw clothes out. He is horrified when Mum threatens to throw out his clothes because they have holes in them. "Throw it out? Are you kidding?That shirt had at least another 10 years in it. The hole isn't even visible from the front."

I didn't even bother asking Dad if he would donate a shirt to me, instead I made my own collar.


I made the collar out of a vintage fabric (donated by Grandma, she bought it 35 years ago) and added a cute bow which I hoarded from the top of a Birthday card. (I may have a compulsive'I could use that one day..." problem, but hey, every other crafty person I know has it too!). Then I coaxed (Tea, Chocolate Sundae and lots of compliments) my Mum into sewing a button loop on for me, and added a little button to the other end.

Cute huh?
To bad I forgot to take step by step instructions. I pinky promise that when I make another (eyeing cute grey fabric in fabric stash) I will do a detailed tutorial.

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